Garden Update

We are glad to see that many of you have been able to take a break from your home stays to get out to the garden to start getting your gardens in shape for the upcoming season. Things are starting to look very good at the gardens. We wanted to bring you up to date on recent developments and plans for the Hanover Community Gardens. 

  • Organic compost has been delivered to the gardens for us to share.  In order for everyone to be able to apply some of the compost to their plot, please abide by the following limits:  2 wheelbarrow loads per full plot and 1 wheelbarrow per half plot.
  • You will see that half of the central section has been plowed and tilled.  We would like to request help in planting some communal crops in that tilled area.  We have been thinking of sowing wildflowers on a large part of that area and perhaps a shared pumpkin patch on part of the area.  If you are interested and available to help in purchasing and sowing those seeds and maintaining the the plants (watering when needed), please contact a committee member (addresses at top of this message).
  • We have established a new compost pile in the central section and will soon start a second pile at the other side of that section.  We hope all of you will leave compostable plant material from your plots in that compost pile instead of in the pile next to the parking area.  There are several convenient pathways to get from upper and lower gardens to the new compost pile.  We would also like to have some help in moving compostable material from the pile next to the parking area to the new compost piles when you have a chance to do so.
  • When the central section was plowed and tilled, a good bit of plastic was uncovered and removed from the soil.  That should serve to remind all of us that plastic (sheet, bags, etc) should not be left in your garden after the growing season. Forgotten plastic tends to get covered up during the winter and then deteriorates over time to leach into the soil.
  • The water has not yet been turned on at the garden, but that should happen next week.  We plan to install the hoses and connect them to the water supply next Saturday, May 23, probably about 10 am.  Help would be appreciated in installing and connecting the hoses.

Stay healthy, and happy gardening!
– Hanover Community Gardens Committee

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