As a Hanover Community Gardener I agree to:

  • PLANT my garden by JUNE 15th or risk having my plot re-assigned to someone on the waiting list.
  • BE responsible for keeping my plot, paths and walkways relatively free of weeds and grass.
  • USE  only organic fertilizers and pesticides.  A list of organic products can be found on as well as a list of invasive plants.
  • PLACE garden waste in the compost area outside of the garden fence.
  • KEEP TRASH and litter out of my plot and pathways.
  • MULCH with natural materials to suppress weeds and reduce water loss.
  • CONSERVE water loss by watering in the morning or evening while being mindful of other gardens when moving a hose around corners of neighboring plots.
  • WILL not have my plants shade my neighbor’s garden.
  • BE prepared for a midsummer inspection of my plot which will determine my eligibility for returning next season.
  • TURN off water and close the fence door when I leave the garden.
  • PARTICIPATE in workdays as they occur.
  • GROW or buy plants from local sources to avoid blight and diseases.
  • CLEAN my plot at the end of the gardening season.

These guidelines are intended to make gardening a pleasant and relaxing experience for all of us. Suggestions are welcome!

Guidelines in printer-friendly PDF format


These are the rules for the DHMC Community Garden.

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