Community Gardens Flourish

Jean Hotaling picks some of her zinnias
Jean Hotaling picks some of her zinnias and asters yesterday on a plot she shares with a friend at the Hanover Community Gardens. Hotaling has kept a plot there for several years, and grows an even mix of vegetables and flowers. Credit: Valley News — Jennifer Hauck

Valley News – August 7, 1995

Valley News Correspondent

HANOVER – The tomatoes are still green, the cosmos are just beginning to flower, and the car-rots are just starting to peek out of the dirt – all signs of early August at the one-acre Hanover Community Gardens on Reservoir Road.

This year is the gardens’ 30th on Reservoir Road.

The history of the gardens goes back even further, however. During World War II, a Dart-mouth College biology professor, Jim Poole, managed the initial “Victory Gardens” – an effort to help the war effort by growing food. The gardens have been used continuously since then and at their peak, held 60 plots.

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