Spring 2020 Guidelines

Hello all, We expect that this year’s gardening season will begin shortly and want to give you some information to keep in mind as you begin to prepare your garden plots. 

  • Because of the Covid-19 restrictions, please practice social distancing and stay at least 6 feet away from others not in your family unit.
  • The communal wheelbarrows are now in place at the garden; please share them equitably.
  • The hoses haven’t yet been hooked up, but we expect to get them in place and working by May 2.
  • Wood chips have been delivered by the town and can be spread on walkways to help keep the weeds down.  When we last met in November, it was suggested that we put cardboard down on the walkways before covering them with wood chips.  If you have some used cardboard boxes at home, please consider bringing them to the garden instead of sending them for recycling.  Then they can be put down on the walkways beneath wood chips.
  • Please don’t put plastic sheet or empty plastic bags down on the walkways beneath the wood chips.  The plastic can disintegrate and get into the soil, causing pollution that could harm future crops.  Remember that this is an organic garden and we should mulch only with natural materials to suppress weeds.
  • Compost will be delivered in May.
  • Remember to close and latch the garden gate, particularly when you leave the garden.
  • If you see evidence of intrusion into the garden by unwelcome critters, such as woodchucks or skunks, please inform Francis Kennedy or Doug Deaett.
  • Please reread and abide by the Guidelines.

Copies of the maps of the Upper and Lower Gardens were sent by email, so you can see who is gardening with us this year.  You will note that there are several new gardeners; please welcome them to the garden. Because of the Covid-19 restrictions, we will not have a gardening opening get-together this spring.

Think spring, stay healthy, and happy gardening!
– Hanover Community Gardens Committee

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