New Tenant in Garden

Killdeer bird in the garden

We have nesting killdeer in the upper garden (the second plot in on the right). There is a clutch of four beige eggs with black speckles in a nest on the ground made of wood chips and grass. Apparently both parents incubate the eggs for 22 -28 days. Gardeners have put up a little fence and stakes around the nest.

The good news is that killdeer eat snails, millipedes, spiders, and worms. The not so good news is that they eat some seeds and their predators include gulls, common crows, raccoons & skunks.

To distract predators from the nest, the killdeer will feign a broken wing or charge an intruder making loud alarming calls.

The gardeners of the plot are delaying any planting until after the eggs hatch.

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