Local Plant News

Three local events:

1) Garlic Mustard Pull

Thursday, May 10, 3-5 is the time frame allotted for removing garlic mustard from the land behind the Dresden Rd houses on Richmond School land.  If you (and your children) are available to help pull these easily pulled invasive plants, meet the school volunteers beyond the fence, during the allotted time period.  Wear sensible shoes as the ground can be uneven, gloves recommended.  The plants should be in flower so are easily recognizable.  Even if you can’t help pull, stop by to learn the appearance of garlic mustard as we all need to be alert to this invasive plant… we all have back yards.

2)  Hanover Garden Club Sale

The annual Hanover Garden Club Sale is set for Saturday, May 19, 9-noon at the Pine Knoll Cemetery, Rt 10, Hanover, NH. A wonderful opportunity to buy local perennials donated by HGC members and friends, plus many wonderful tomatoes, geraniums and annuals, grown in the HGC greenhouse by HGC members. This is the major fund raising effort for the Garden Club, proceeds going to buy plants, plant and maintain the town gardens, etc.  Help keep the Town gardens beautiful.

3) Plastic Plant Pot Collections

These collections will again take place at Longacres Nursery (220 Mechanic Street, Lebanon) on the 3rd Saturday of June, July, August and Sept, 9-noon.  They do not need to be washed, just tip and tap the dirt out of them.  All sizes, shapes and colors welcome, trays and flimsy 6-pack types also welcome.

One thought on “Local Plant News

  1. We at Everybody’s Farm Market on Route 4 between Lebanon and Enfield will be pleased to reuse all the 6-inch and bigger pots you care to bring us.

    Thank you.


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