Late Blight in Garden

Our tomato plants have been attacked by blight. It is very bad news. William has removed all but three of his tomatoes (those remaining will be gone soon). He also cut back his potatoes to the ground. We only have a week to really deal with the issue.

If you have any qualms about removing your plants, you need to know that this could ruin the soil at the community gardens for years. William is going to speak to each gardener that he sees and tell them the news, and what to look for. It is important to be ruthless. Removing individual leaves does nothing to stop the mold from spreading. Every garden William has looked at has blight already. The biggest problem is going to be with gardeners who are away.

We need to have all of the diseased plants out by Wednesday. If you don’t remove them, the garden committee will…it’s terrible but it has to be done.

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