Garden Clean-up

Hello Everyone,

Sadly, another gardening season has come to an end, and the fences have to be rolled up and carted away. This year we’ve chosen Saturday, Nov. 9 at 10:00 am, with the rain date on Sunday, the 10th for the upper and lower gardens.

This has been a super growing season, and we’ve seen lots of beautiful produce coming out of both garden gates. Hopefully, next year will be even better. We’ll probably be working on a chilly morning, so dress appropriately…maybe an extra pair of warm gloves.

Dartmouth asks that all tall stakes, upright sticks and large stalks be removed, and that plots be relatively free of weeds.


Garden Clean up on Sunday, Nov. 7 at 10 am

Good Morning,

We will put the gardens to bed on Sunday, November 7th at 10 am. With a good turn out, we will be done with everything by noon.

Thanks to William and Sue and others who pulled the hoses from each terrace. Thanks to Bill, Sophia & the Gosselins for cleaning & rolling them up and then putting them in storage. Also a big thank you for the wood chips and those who have applied a thick layer to the aisles. It looks great and will be ready for action in the spring.

Before the ground freezes, it’s important for you to clean out your plot thoroughly. It’s your responsibility to our fellow gardeners and also it’s required to maintain the land lease.